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Farewell posted on 09/09/2009
Well, this is written to anyone that has read my blogs in the past.  I have written a blog entry since Brett #4 Favre decided to almost stay retired.  I also see that NO one has read or replied to that or any other of my entries, nor any of the other writers, that I can see anyway.  So, it is for this reason I don't see it worth my time to continue.  I wish all those that continue here success in doing so.  But I am going to move on...Take care and GO VIKES!!

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Vikes QB options posted on 07/28/2009

Now that #4 isn't in the equation, let's briefly talk about the Vikes options at QB.  #7 Vick, uh NOOOOOOO. After the Sex Boat and the fact it's JUST now fading into the sunset, Ziggy, if Chilly brings this to you, for godsakes, slap HIM.....

Now, on to reality.  T-Jack, Rosenfel, and JD Booty.  I think we all know T-Jack is going to win the fight between 1 & 2.  I also think Chilly needs to shake it up with whomever wins.  The loser needs to go and JD Booty needs to get his chance as #2.  After all, he did start at USC which the likes of Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, and Sanchez did too.  One cannot be a slouch of a QB and play for Pete Carroll.  Also, Matt Cassell, came from that mold and look what he's doing now?  Vikes BRASS!!!  You drafted him.  If Sage wins, T-Jack must go.  We all know at some point in that equation, T-Jack will miss one game or two or whatever, and JD can step in and show what's what, IF it's there!!?  Don't have regrets with that draftpick!!  Let's see how it pans out....

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The End of Favre-a-Palooza posted on 07/28/2009

Well, it's over.  #4 has decided to listen to his body and say it's over OVER.  Does this Vikes Fanatic thinks we have heard the last of this drama?  I hope we have, but my spidy sense tells me NO.  By staying retired, Favre has retained some of his luster as a "premier" QB in NFL History.  At the same time, do I think either QB the Purple has now can get us where Favre would have?  That's hard to say.  However I also don't think it fair to annoint T-Jack "the startesr".  A number of national media types don't think Rosefel has a shot at the starting nod.  Myself, I think if it's just between the 2, T-Jack will win.  To this day, I don't understand the Purple trading for Sage, he is not a "Premier" QB in the League.  He is buy no means a Sanchez which has not got the opportunity to show his skills.  Sage has received the opportunity in Houston and I can't say here he came out smelling like a rose.  So, why?  Us mere mortal fans will never know that.  Media has asked Chilly that question and did not receive a straight answer.  Now that Favre is not going to become reality, Chilly will live or die with his decisions.  I still say Garcia would have been an improvement and he was willing and didn't even have to un-retire.  I think we all know T-Jack is going to win, and if and when he does, I think the Vikes should cut the loser and promote JD Booty to 2nd string and give him that chance.  If the Purple doesn't get to the playoffs and progress past Round 1, Chilly and T-Jack have to be gone for ZWilf in order for fans to continue to be on the Purple bandwagon.  For that matter I also think Spielman also has to go, if this result happens.  We will all just have to wait and see.  I do think T-Jack demonstrated a bit of where his maturity is right now by letting it leak he would ask for a trade if Favre was signed.  That's a maturity concern involving what "if's".  Hopefully, that's not a sign of how T-Jack is going to hold up when the going get's tough.  We shall all stay tuned....

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The Arm is Healthy or Not So Much? posted on 06/20/2009
Attn VIKING Faithful!!!  Up until now, Chilly has been talking in code when it comes to Favre.  But yesterday he said "  I have 1st hand knowledge Brett is throwing now with NO pain".  Fans, that means it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN Favre gets signed.  This FAN is not in favor of it, because any objective fan can already see it's dividing the locker room, however if Favre doesn't require a separate locker area it might be ok.  If this all blows up for Chilly and Spielman, bye bye gentlemen...Zigi won't stand for failure if this ends that way.....I think with Favre, the NFC Champsionshp game has to be an automatic expectation....Now the question is what media outlets are being honest and what one's are simply seeing what BS can stick with thrown to

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Retraction from Previous Blog Post posted on 06/17/2009

Ok, in my last blog post I said Brett Favre can't happen, so Sage or T-Jack has to.  Well, i stand corrected.  I saw u-tube video today of Favre throwing and saying it felt "OK".  He also said "ok" isn't good enough.  We all know give him the time between now and Training Camp, it's going to be a Brett Favre's level of "ok".  I guess this Viking fan needs to be on the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" bandwagon.  I don't necessarily like it, but we all also know it's going to happen.  Brett is noticably drooling over the opportunity he is presented with with the Vikes.  He has a chance here to do what Jerome Bettis and Michael Strahan did.  If he can manage it more power to him, but this Vikings fan has also got a lot of Packer backer friends and he will never be accepted back the way he was if he does this.  Ted Thompson, hide that hunting knife you keep around, cuz attempts to split your back are coming from #4.  Obviously that is part of this scenario. 

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